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08:41pm 16/02/2004
mood: exhausted
I feel like soo blahhh. I really don't even know where to begin. I have like ten million thoughts going on in my head, all at one time. I need to like rest for a while, and think shit through. I feel so sick... lol.

I've been hanging out with Corbit allot lately... I hope we can become really good friends, it's looking good so far, I'd like to have a friend thas a boy... it'd be cool. Although I wish he didn't have to smoke up as much as he does, but I mean it isnt hurting me .. i mean it's something he likes to do... i can understand that. But he's really fun to be around... and he thinks I'm cool too... so!

Well I'm glad I got on here and talked, even though it's not allot, I just feel better about a LOT of things. Well I'm out...

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05:27pm 09/02/2004
mood: disappointed
It's been a fucking long ass day... And I am tired. I got invited to go off with Ashley Ross on friday, so I guess I'll go. I wish to God that something would happen, but I know it wont. Anyways... Im just really feeling lonely. I want sooo bad to have someone. I guess It's just no meant for me to be happy.

I guess I'll go.

10:27am 07/02/2004
mood: crappy
I dont even know where to begin this entry... I guess I should get it out... I have been lied to and had fell in love with someone who isnt real. I dont know what to do with anything anymore... I'm about ready to just be like fuck relations..

Anyways... I'm about to go all gay on yall. haha.

It's Time For This...   
03:41am 20/01/2004
mood: aggravated

..:.. Things have came to where I have to do this ..:..

..:.. Please Comment to Added ..:..

..:.. If you refuse to comment, I refuse to keep you ..:..

..:.. Thank You ..:..
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Survey From Ashley's Thing   
11:50pm 19/01/2004
mood: cheerful
Current mood: Excited
Current music: Jo
Current taste: Sundrop
Current hair: cut
Current clothes: Jeans and my Quicksilver Shirt
Current smell: Abercrombie
Current thing: Phone
Current windows open: LJ
Current desktop picture: Me
Current favorite band: Evanescense
Current book: Britney's tour Book
Current cd in stereo: Mixed Cd
Current crush: Monica ♥
Current favorite celeb: Justin Timberlake *drool... boxer change*
Current hate: JP

=Do I=

Smoke?: sometimes.
Do drugs?: sometimes.
Have sex?: Hmm.
Give oral sex?: That's not nice to say
Receive oral sex?: I wouldn't be a man otherwise.
Remember your first love?: Yeah.
Still love him/her?: NO
Read the newspaper?: Yes...Job Hunting
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Yeah
Believe in miracles?: I dunno
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes
Consider love a mistake?: No
Like the taste of alcohol?: YES.
Have a favorite candy?: mmhmm...Monica
Believe in astrology?: If I havea reason to
Believe in magic?: no i dont

Believe in god?: Yes
Have any pets: Yes.. JO and MONICA
Go to or plan to go to college: I dunno yet
Have any piercings?: not yet
Have any tattoos?: not yet
Hate yourself: sometimes
Have an obsession?: Yes.. thas a stupid question.. i have many
Have a secret crush?: maybe
Have a best friend?: yeah... ASHLEY
Wish on stars?: I never can find them
Care about looks?: Yeah... if the webcams on

=Love life=

First crush: cant remember
First kiss: hmm
Ever been in love?: yes
Do you believe in love at first sight?: No but I believe in Love at first conversation.
Do you believe in "the one?": Yea
Describe your ideal significant other: Blonde, Ditzy, Nice bod, cool voice.
=Juicy stuff=

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: mmhmm
Have you ever been intoxicated?:Yeah... and went to church the next day with liqur on my shirt.
Favorite place to be kissed?: Come find out
Have you ever been caught: at what?
Are you a tease?: No..but I please
Shy to make the first move?: yea

=Word association=

Rubber: duck
Rock: hard
Green: tractor
Wet: Mike Hunt
Cry: Justin
Peanut: Gallery
Hay: JP
Cold: Ciara
Steamy: Monica
Fast: Jo
Freaky: Friday
Rain: drops
Bite: me
Fuck: you
Blow: me
Religion: Statue at the Chinese Restuarant


Hair: cut
Eyes: blue
Height: I dunno


Bought: Razor and movies
Ate & Drank: Sundrop
Read: the keyboard
Watched on tv: Justin Timberlake

--EITHER / OR:--

Club or houseparty: house
Beer or cider: cider
Drinks or shots: drinks
Cats or dogs: dogs
Single or taken: single
Pen or pencil: pen
Gloves or mittens: Gloves
Cassette or CD: CD
Coke or pepsi: pepsi
This or that: that .. i already this


Kill: Jp and Cee :)
Get really wasted with: JO, Monica, Ashley, and a baseball bat outside JPs house..I'm crazy when I'm drunk
Look like: Justin Timberlake
Be like: Jo
Avoid: Megan


Talked to: Jo
Hugged: Ashley
Instant messaged: Ashley


Eat: My Room
Cry: Wal-Mart
Wish you were: Monicas house


Dated one of your best friends?: yes
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? allot
Drank alcohol? yes
Done drugs? yes, WEED.
Broken the law? yes... gotta represent wit my friends
Run away from home? thought of it
Broken a bone? nope
Played Truth Or Dare? Yes
Kissed someone you didn't know? no
Been in a fight? tons
Come close to dying? yeah...when I foudn out Britney Spears was married... but I got off the machines when they annulled it.

--WHAT IS:--

The most embarrassing cd you have?: Gospel
Your bedroom like?: JPs Cage
Your favorite thing for breakfast? When's that?
Your favorite restaurant?: Subway


What's on your bedside table?: floor
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night or early in the morning? i dont have food
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: Beaches
What is your biggest fear?: getting fatter
Do you ever have to beg?: yep
Are you a pyromaniac?: DAMN RIGhT... they hid the matches from me
Do you have too many love interests?: no
Do you know anyone famous?: yep
Describe your bed: a couch
Do you know how to play poker?: no... but i do know how to play Go Fish
What do you carry with you at all times?: cell phone
How do you drive?: like a kid
What do you miss most about being little?: My "My Buddy Doll"
Are you happy with your given name?:no
How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?: Dont even try
What color is your bedroom?: white
What was the last song you were listening to?: my immortal
Have you ever been in a play?: yes
Who are your best friends?: Mitchell, Ashley, Jo
Do you talk a lot?: yes
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: sometimes, it's easier to believe the bad things about yourself.
Do you think you're cute?: sometimes...
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? no, they make me cry... damn those shows with them on it
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: yes
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend , boyfriend, or your friends? friends
What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: AWww... how cute!